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At Epic Sciences, we develop clinical solutions that accelerate drug development and provide an understanding of when to administer novel therapeutics in metastatic cancers. Our tests provide biotech, pharmaceutical and academic teams with pivotal insights into cancer biology, including the mechanisms of cancer growth, evolution and heterogeneity.

Utilizing our proprietary no cell left behind® technology, we analyze individual circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from peripheral blood draws for phenotypic (protein and morphology) and genomic biomarkers.  The single cell and/or aggregated subclonal populations of biomarkers are linked to pharmacodynamic data and more importantly to patient outcomes. Our analyses can lead to the development of biomarkers for treatment selection, which can be further developed as CDx tests. 

As our focus is to create clinical solutions for cancer therapeutics, we have demonstrated either clinical validity or clinical utility (biomarker therapy interaction to outcome) in three therapeutic classes:AR inhibitors, PARP inhibitors and Checkpoint inhibitors.



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AR Inhibitor Resistance AR Signaling

AR Signaling Inhibitor Resistance

Single cell , liquid biopsy assays targeting AR and variants testing for signatures of resistance

PARP inhibitor assay including HRD

PARP Inhibitor Sensivity

Single cell, liquid biopsy analysis to identify HRD biomarkers to understand sensitivities to PARP inhibitor therapeutics

Check Point Inhibitor tests and PD-L1

Checkpoint Inhibitor Resistance

Single cell, liquid biopsy assays including PD-L1 detection in CTCs to characterize resistance to checkpoint inhibitor cancer therapeutics

Cancer indication

Breast Cancer Panel

Understanding metastatic breast cancer one cell at a time

Custom Biomarker Development

Proprietary process for biomarker development specific to your assay needs

Available CLIA Assays

Clinical Laboratory

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