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Epic Sciences Launches Metastatic Breast Cancer Circulating Tumor Cell Panel

Panel provides for the most comprehensive coverage of single cell biomarkers for clinical trial research

Epic Sciences Launches Single-Cell Microsatellite and Chromosomal Instability Genomic Analysis

New capability identifies sub-clonal tumor microsatellite instability in metastatic cancers to understand patient selection for PD-1 inhibitors, PARP inhibitors and combination therapies

Liquid Biopsy Tumor Heterogeneity Test Predicts Resistance to Targeted Therapy in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients

A blood test measuring the diversity of individual circulating tumor cells correlates with differential survival on chemotherapy vs. targeted hormone therapy in metastatic prostate cancer and offers potential to guide treatment choices in multiple solid tumor cancers.

Epic Sciences and collaborators publish study on new blood test showing expression of PD-L1 on circulating cells is associated with worse outcomes in lung cancer patients not treated with PD-1 inhibitors

Investigators from Yale, USC, UC San Diego, and Epic Sciences published findings in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, showing that the presence of PD-L1 protein on circulating cells from newly diagnosed lung cancer patients



SITC 2017

Society for Immunotherapy for Cancer's (SITC) 32nd Annual Meeting


AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics

ESMO 2017

European Society for Medical Oncology 2017 in Madrid, Spain. September 8 - 12th, 2017

Genomic Health to Market Epic Sciences’ AR-V7 Liquid Biopsy Test

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) - Genomic Health and Epic Sciences today announced that they have signed an exclusive agreement under which Genomic Health will commercialize Epic Sciences' AR-V7 liquid biopsy test in the United States.

Test Aids Prostate Cancer Treatment

Wall Street Journal - Genomic Health will commercialize a new screening to influence choice of therapies

Guest Commentary: Back to cancer’s drawing board

By Murali Prahalad of Epic Sciences A curious problem arises for each new precision oncology therapeutic with a companion diagnostic: Many predicted responders exhibit primary resistance.

Epic Sciences' Circulating Tumor Cell Prostate Cancer Test Shows Promise in New JAMA Study

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) - A new study has demonstrated predictive power of an AR-V7 protein test.