Epic Team Member, Laura Leitz, Wins Prostate Cancer Foundation Fundraising Award

Last week, the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Vice President of Movember Initiatives presented a plaque to commemorate Laura Leitz, research assistant at Epic Sciences, for her commitment to Movember and fighting cancer.

She was awarded PCF’s 2014 Hey Mo Sista Whiska Award, which is one of only three awards given out each year to a member of the science community, comprising more than 40 research centers and companies.

Laura earned the award for her outstanding fundraising efforts during the 2014 Movember campaign. She raised more than $4,000 as a member of the Epic Staches fundraising team.

In addition to raising the most money, Laura volunteered to plan and organize Epic’s annual Movember party. At the party, the all-volunteer team held a silent auction and Mustache Awards. Fifteen percent of the party’s proceeds were donated to Epic Staches.


PCF is the leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research globally. Through donations from people and teams like Laura and Epic Staches, the PCF has helped generate more than $595 million to support prostate cancer research and prevention.

Epic Staches is part of Epic Gives Back, a way for us to unite our team's volunteer efforts as we advocate, fundraise, support and partner with like-minded organizations to improve the lives of cancer patients, their families and caregivers, and our community.

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