Epic Sciences to Contribute to Cancer Moonshot Blood Profiling Atlas

Epic Sciences to Contribute CTC Data to Cancer Moonshot Blood Profiling Atlas Pilot

October 25, 2016

Epic Sciences in collaboration with other industry, academic, and government partners will contribute to the Blood Profiling Atlas pilot of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative championed by Vice President Biden and the White House. The Blood Profiling Atlas seeks to create an open database of results from liquid biopsy tests to accelerate the development of safe and effective blood profiling diagnostics for patient benefit.

Epic Sciences, the only circulating tumor cell (CTC) company represented at the initial Blood Profiling Atlas, will contribute single cell phenotypic and genomic profiles of CTCs from metastatic cancer patients prior to, during, and at progression on standard of care therapeutics.

 “Our No Cell Left Behind platform enables the analysis of CTCs as they evolve in response to cancer drugs that are administered,” said Murali Prahalad PhD, president and CEO at Epic Sciences. “We are excited to be leveraging our technology and extensive biorepository of contemporary clinical specimens to accelerate tests that can improve patient outcomes.”

Currently, Epic Sciences has received and processed over 25,000 blood samples through its partnership with 40 biopharma companies and 25 academic institutions. Insights gained through these collaborations have aided in the development of analytical and clinically-validated predictive tests. 

“Of critical need is the ability to understand cancer therapy resistance through sub-clonal tumor evolution and heterogeneity,” said Ryan Dittamore, vice president of translational research and clinical affairs at Epic Sciences. “We believe our single cell phenotypic and genomic characterization will provide novel and actionable insights regarding tumor progression and mechanisms of drug resistance in the context of therapeutic clinical decisions.”

More on the Cancer Moonshot Blood Profiling Atlas: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/fact_sheet_final_moonshot.pdf