Epic Sciences to Present at Molecular Medicine Tri-Con 2016

San Diego, March 4, 2016

Epic Sciences, Inc. , announced today that Murali Prahalad, Ph.D., president and CEO, is scheduled to present at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Con 2016, taking place at the Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco March 6-11, 2016.

Dr. Prahalad will give a presentation entitled, "Going Beyond Averages and Enumeration – How Epic Sciences ‘No Cell Left Behind’ Platform is Driving Novel Insights in Cancer", which will discuss the cellular heterogeneity and unique proteomic and genomic profiles observed in cancer. This session will highlight how Epic Sciences’ unique enrichment-free approach enables new insights into cancer that surpass simple enumeration or the genomic averaging that results from the sequencing of tissue biopsy or cfDNA.

The details of the presentation are as follows:

Date:     Monday, March 7, 2016

Track:    Circulating Tumor Cells

Time:     4:25pm (Pacific Time)

It is increasingly accepted that cancer is a heterogeneous disease comprised of multiple cellular species, each with a unique genomic and proteomic profile.  Therefore, cancer is perhaps most treatable when approached as a collection of rare cells that can independently develop resistance to therapies, resulting in metastatic diseases that are often unresponsive to many standard of care treatments. 

At Molecular Medicine Tri-Con, Dr. Prahalad will discuss how Epic Sciences’ no cell left behind® technology can be used to help triage therapies for improved clinical outcomes. Epic Sciences core technology identifies and characterizes all sub-types of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the blood, a technical advantage enabling real-time insights into cancer heterogeneity that are necessary to improve drug development and optimize clinical trials for targeted or combination therapies.