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Cancer is a tremendously complex, heterogeneous and dynamic disease. Multiple rare cell types may occur simultaneously in patients, while individual clones can grow resistant to therapies, resulting in metastatic tumors that are difficult to treat. Today, there are many new “targeted therapies” in development that aim to treat cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects by identifying the unique drivers or markers specific to cancer cells. The goal is to deliver personalized medicine, so that patients receive the right therapy at the right time.

Review the Basics of CTCs

Review the basics of cancer heterogeneity, CTCs and liquid biopsies.

Technology Overview

Learn about the Epic Sciences platform technology including our CTC detection and analysis tools and our suite of genomic assays.

See the Data

Learn about our unique approach to diagnostics through liquid biopsies.

One of the greatest challenges to personalized medicine is having a diagnostic test that can find, understand and track a patient’s cancer signature, so that the oncologist can administer an optimal therapeutic strategy. Epic Sciences' platform can make this possible.

Our detection and characterization platform is the only commercially available technology capable of identifying varieties of CTCs. With capabilities that allow for the systematic analysis of individual CTCs for genetic and proteomic aberrations, our platform provides near real-time information about each different cellular population before, during and after treatments—with no cell left behind®.

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