CTC Detection and Characterization


The Epic Sciences CTC detection and characterization platform has the potential to empower precision medicine with one, simple blood draw. It not only enables enumeration of CTCs, but also has the unique ability to evaluate protein biomarker expression and subcellular localization when used with our 1) 4 or 5-color immunofluorescence assays, 2) gene amplifications, deletions or rearrangements by DNA FISH and 3) genomic aberrations via mutation or copy number variation (CNV) analysis via next-generation sequencing (NGS).  Our assay development team is also available to generate custom assays for your biomarker of interest. If you are interested in a custom assay please contact us at info@epicsciences.com

The Epic Sciences platform provides a thorough view of disease heterogeneity by enabling CTC enumeration, biomarker characterization and downstream genomic capabilities.

Epic Sciences has developed numerous assays, which are being used to test more than 10,000 patient blood samples from clinical trial sites located in North America, Europe and Asia. These protein, FISH and genomic assays are designed to measure protein abnormalities in CTCs many different cancer types, with feasibility shown in more than a dozen to date


CTC Detection and Characterization Tools

We have developed over 45 protein target assays to date. Contact us if you need an assay developed.