Mission and Journey

The Journey to 100,000 Blood Samples

Epic Sciences Core Values


We shall be accountable for our personal and collective actions and embody the highest standards of personal and corporate ethics. We shall always be data driven at our core and transparent in our dealings with employees, customers, business partners and the communities where we do business.


Innovation shall be at our core. It shall not be restricted to research and development but shall extend to every corporate activity.


At Epic Sciences, we believe in teamwork. We will actively foster a spirit of collaboration amongst all employees and achieve our goals together. We shall always work with our customers to create the products and solutions that best meet their needs.


We shall be defined by our intellectual courage to challenge assumptions, dogmas and conventions. We’ll find radical ways to innovate while acting with moral courage and integrity, even when doing so may disadvantage us strategically or financially.

Commitment to Patients

Patients shall always be our primary focus. We shall continuously strive to develop products and services that improve both the duration and quality of patient lives. We are committed to making these solutions commercially available as rapidly and inexpensively as possible on a global basis.

Commitment to Excellence

As employees of Epic Sciences, we shall make a personal and collective commitment to excellence in every undertaking. That commitment shall be reflected in the quality of data on which we make decisions and the quality of our products, services and customer experience.


Our mission is to improve patient lives by enabling precision medicine with non-invasive tests that profile rare cells in cancer throughout the course of treatment.

Up to date with Epic Sciences

Our platform is like no other. It’s an enrichment free and unbiased approach for detecting and analyzing all classes of CTCs—even those with rare occurrence. In addition, individual CTCs are molecularly characterized at the single cell level to enable a near real-time view. Learn more