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Circulating Tumor Cell Capture Technologies Expand in 2018

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – The market for circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture and detection grew significantly in 2018 as several companies pushed toward clinical implementation of their technologies for diagnosing multiple cancers, while new firms spun out of academic institutions with their own technologies.

In order to diagnose cancer clinicians have traditionally performed tissue biopsies, which can be invasive, expensive, and time-consuming for patients. Over the last decade, however, liquid biopsy tools have emerged as a way to address these issues and perhaps provide a more accurate picture of individual patients' disease.

"We are seeing more techniques that are able to analyze genotypic and phenotypic properties of CTCs at the single-cell level," University of Toronto biochemistry professor Shana Kelley, whose lab specializes in CTC capture and analysis, said in an email. "This is critically important given the heterogeneity of these cells and the importance of seeing trace levels of target subpopulations within patient samples."

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